Global Advocacy

California has had a significant impact on global industries, particularly the wine industry. Numerous countries, including Chile, New Zealand, Australia, Argentina, and Japan, have sought to learn from California's winemaking techniques, which have contributed to the success of New World wines.

At the forefront of promoting California wines in international markets is Global Advocacy. We firmly believe that, given the United States' longstanding support for countless world economies, it is only fair for our trading partners to open their markets to California's pillar industries, particularly wines.

Our mission is to enhance and expand the presence of California industries and commodities in global markets, with a particular focus on wines. Regrettably, many of our trading partners, such as Japan, impose restrictions that complicate access to California wines.

To address these concerns, our advocacy works with international lawyers to combat laws, regulations, trading practices, and international postures that obstruct accessibility to California and American industries in foreign markets.

Our objective is to level the playing field, as California and the United States have long carried the burden of foreign products and industries in our markets while experiencing a decline in international market presence.

In addition to advocating for fair market access, our advocacy also opposes copyright infringement and works to safeguard California industries from intellectual property theft, as exemplified by Japan's use of domestic laws to strip American industries of their rights to their own products.

Our accomplished council is dedicated to advancing our movement and confronting the country's systems head-on, but we require support. If you share our vision of rebalancing the scales and ensuring that California's commodities are represented in foreign markets as they are in America's, we invite you to join us.

Together, we can prioritize American interests and ensure that California's industries continue to thrive on the global stage.

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