Wineries Sales

During the Economic Downturn in 2007, the California World Trade Organization endorsed I.R.D.I. Business Group™ to provide support for California's premium wine producers, a crucial industry for the state. Real-world solutions were necessary to improve California's bottom-line results at this critical time.

We took on our role during a difficult time for California, but we were able to improve our methods and achieve positive outcomes.

It was a lesson learned that even though the U.S. media portrays regions like Japan in a positive light, they are not necessarily our allies or trading partners. Nevertheless, success was still necessary.

For more than six decades, the United States has facilitated unencumbered access to our markets and promoted Japan's economic growth. Regrettably, in California's hour of crisis, Japan imposed numerous obstacles many of them invisible, despite our resources that have supported them.

Our strategies are dynamic, budget-friendly, and we have built strong relationships with domestic and international buyers.

Here, we take a hands-on approach to providing the best options for our clients. To achieve this, we work closely with local sources in specific global regions to gather insights and information that can be used to generate advantageous options. Real World Solutions!

Through collaboration, we offer personalized solutions to our clients based on their individual needs and preferences. Our emphasis on utilizing local sources gives us an in-depth comprehension of the region and its intricacies, providing California Wineries with the most efficient options that get bottom-line results.

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