We ardently advocate for the protection of American interests on the forefront of international affairs.

The 1980 Hague Convention on the Civil Aspects of International Child Abduction underscores the imperative for signatories to swiftly repatriate abducted children to their habitual country of residence, reflecting a universally recognized obligation.

Despite global expectations, Japan, after considerable deliberation, acceded to this accord in 2014. However, regrettably, as of 2024, Japan has yet to fulfill its commitments regarding the repatriation of children abducted by Japanese parents.

A distressing number of American citizens have endured the anguish of having their familial bonds severed due to the actions of their Japanese spouses, who have clandestinely transported their children to Japan and concealed their whereabouts.

Additionally, numerous American enterprises have, in good faith, shared proprietary business models and concepts with Japanese counterparts, only to witness the appropriation of their products, ideas, and intellectual property. Japan’s defense of the implicated Japanese companies, citing exclusive protection rights, has left non-Japanese entities without recourse under Japanese law.

Amidst the backdrop of rising nationalism in Japan, American expatriates often find themselves confronted with instances of intimidation and harassment by their employers, exacerbated by the reluctance of Japanese law enforcement to intervene on behalf of American citizens.

In times of medical emergencies, American citizens and their families encounter considerable challenges in communicating with hospital staff or accessing necessary information. It is in these critical moments that our support proves invaluable.

We are committed to offering comprehensive legal assistance and consultation services, available round-the-clock, to American citizens and businesspersons in need.

In cases of criminal offenses against American citizens globally, whether cybercrime, assault, property damage, or financial disputes, we do not merely provide distant advisories. Instead, we stand steadfastly on the frontlines, prepared to take proactive measures.

We champion the rights and interests of our citizens and industries, recognizing the significance of proactive engagement, irrespective of financial constraints faced by affected families. For us, humanity comes first, not nationalism.

We stand on the real grounds, not the idealized, well-controlled image provided by the media that they pay to control.

In this spirit of cooperation and mutual understanding, we earnestly seek your assistance in furthering our mission.

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