I.R.D.I. Business Group Cybersecurity Services

PCI (Payment Card Industry) and DCSS (Data Center Security Standard)

  1. Comprehensive Compliance Solutions: Receive end-to-end support for achieving and maintaining compliance with PCI (Payment Card Industry) and DCSS (Data Center Security Standard) requirements.
  2. Customized Compliance Roadmaps: Benefit from customized compliance roadmaps tailored to your organization's specific needs, industry sector, and regulatory environment.
  3. Expert Guidance and Support: Access expert guidance and support from experienced compliance consultants throughout the compliance process, from initial assessment to certification.
  4. Gap Analysis and Remediation: Conduct thorough gap analyses to identify areas of non-compliance and develop remediation plans to address deficiencies and achieve compliance.
  5. Policy and Procedure Development: Receive assistance with developing and implementing robust policies, procedures, and controls to meet PCI and DCSS requirements effectively.
  6. Security Assessments and Audits: Conduct regular security assessments and audits to assess the effectiveness of security controls and ensure ongoing compliance with PCI and DCSS standards.
  7. Training and Awareness Programs: Provide comprehensive training and awareness programs to educate employees about their roles and responsibilities in maintaining compliance with PCI and DCSS requirements.
  8. Vendor Management Support: Receive support for managing third-party vendors and service providers to ensure they meet PCI and DCSS compliance requirements and do not pose a risk to your organization's security posture.
  9. Continuous Monitoring and Reporting: Implement continuous monitoring solutions to track compliance status, detect security incidents, and generate timely reports for stakeholders and regulatory authorities.
  10. Incident Response Planning: Develop and implement incident response plans to effectively respond to and mitigate security incidents, breaches, or non-compliance issues in accordance with PCI and DCSS requirements.
  11. Cost-Effective Compliance Solutions: Benefit from cost-effective compliance solutions that minimize the time, effort, and resources required to achieve and maintain compliance with PCI and DCSS standards


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