Global Trade Division

To maintain a competitive edge in today's market, it is essential for California industries and American businesses to embrace a comprehensive and global perspective. This involves exploring potential opportunities, fostering collaborations, and implementing solutions that arise from a strategic approach on a global scale. It is imperative to remain forward-thinking.

A common challenge faced by small to mid-sized businesses in the United States is the reluctance to expand beyond their current scope. This may be due to a perceived lack of resources, or a preference for local or regional strategies. However, there are opportunities for growth and expansion that can be explored with careful planning and consideration.

I.R.D.I. Business Group™ is specfically designed for this purpose. To provides trade services to a wide range of businesses and industries located throughout California. Our team is composed of international trade specialists, researchers, and customs experts who are dedicated to assisting your company in expanding its global reach.

Working collaboratively with our clients to create and execute a comprehensive business strategy that is specifically tailored to your needs and objectives, with the ultimate goal of maximizing your potential for success in creating options.