Global Customs Support

Should you have inquiries or apprehensions regarding customs, rest assured that our team of proficient customs specialists is readily available to assist you. It is common knowledge that customs procedures can be intricate and that each country poses its distinct set of challenges. Therefore, we guarantee to provide you with the necessary expertise to navigate through these complexities with ease.

For instance, in countries such as Japan, China, and Italy, customs procedures are designed to scrutinize imported goods to safeguard their domestic market from foreign competition, which can make the process less transparent.

It is important not to allow obstacles to impede your progress. Seeking the assistance of customs specialists can provide invaluable guidance in swiftly resolving any challenges that may arise. Their expertise can help streamline the process and ensure a successful outcome.

Our team of experts offers customized consultation services in the US, Europe, and the Pacific Rim.

Below are a few of the topics of Customs consultation

  • Import (duties payment) declaration
  • Cargo marks, number, description, type, quantity, and value
  • Documents preparation and invoice declaration
  • Consumption laws and regulation
  • Supplementary documents for determining the standard of taxation or explaining the contents of declaration
  • Documents needed to obtain special tariff concessions
  • Documents of approval and permits
  • Customs regulations, duty rates, preferential tariffs, and values for duty assessment
  • The Customs Act
  • Customs Tariff Laws: Europe, Asia and North & South America
  • Temporary Tariff Measures Law
  • Duty Rates

Global customs Support

A formidable obstacle for small business is preparing their product for export and to clear customs. Customs clearance procedures can be broadly described as the entire body of procedures set forth in the Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Control Law and other import control laws and orders. For example: the Food Sanitation Law, Plant Quarantine, Law, Domestic Animal Infections Diseases Prevention Law, Chemical Substances Inspection and Control Law and Pharmaceutical Affairs law in customs regulations.

Customs clearance for import procedures is a series of actions including unloading of cargo, transport of these to the bonded area, import (and duty payment) declaration, import examination, customs inspection, payment of customs duty and internal excise tax, and receipt of import permit and the cargo from the bonded area.

We specialize in assisting agriculture producers, food manufactures, and wineries with customs clearance which I.R.D.I. Business Group™ will assist you in the testing and registration of your ingredients of your product for your target market.

Support Overview

  • Disclosure of ingredients that will be tested
  • Disclosure of banded or questionable ingredients
  • Product registration
  • Patents & Rights
  • Preparation of product documentation
  • Certificate of origin
  • Fees & Taxes
  • Storage facilities