Message from the President & Founder

Welcome to I.R.D.I. Business Group™

Before discussing our purpose or mission statement, I must acknowledge the man who planted the elements that allowed me to create what I have.

His name is Lieutenant Colonel Dornford Walker, my father. A former United States Army Special Forces Green Beret Officer of 23 years. Serving as Special Forces advisor to Robert McNamara, Secretary of State, to John F. Kennedy.

During my childhood, there were occasions when a man with the last name of Powell would call our household to speak to my father. It was only years later, General Powell was on the TV addressing the nation. I inquired about our former caller. Which my father confirmed was the same Powell that used to call our home years before.

He gave me one last glimpse into his other life in 2002 when he was entombed at Arlington Cemetery in Washington D.C.

I received my father’s partially declassified military records from the United States Pentagon and was surprised to learn that he had been tasked with creation, structuring, developing, and overseeing the training of South Korea’s Elite Special Forces as their advisor from the United States.

This remarkable legacy embodies the very spirit that serves as the cornerstone of I.R.D.I. Business Group™.

In joining the International Trade and Tourism Division of the State of California. This experience allowed me to see firsthand economic factors, which have a significant impact not only on the United States but on our lives as well. In turn, it gave me a deeper understanding of what our industries require and how we can best align our platform accordingly.

We are patriots, professionals, and industry specialists standing in union to support the Industries of California, global commerce, economic prosperity, and humanity.

Welcome to I.R.D.I. Business Group™ -Providing Real World Solutions for Real World Problems©

Dornford Walker II
President & Founder